Our next step: going globally arm in arm with Transition Technologies PSC.

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TTPSC and Algomine announced joining forces together.

Algomine is the Data Science House specializing in Big Data, machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud services, designed and implemented individually for a company to bring about higher savings and boost revenues.

- We leverage machine learning algorithms to extract value from all the data flooding the companies. The importance of Big Data has been emphasized over the years, but only some organizations are really monetizing that potential in Poland – said Jędrzej Traczykowski, one of the two Founders and Member of the Board in Algomine.

That is one reason why in mid January, the final and last signature has been submitted on the agreement with Transition Technologies PSC, joining Algomine’s innovative competences in artificial intelligence with TT PSC rich portfolio. From that day on, both companies work in tandem, offering broad spectrum of services from collecting Big Data through their monetization.

Transition Technologies PSC supports international brands as Global System Integrator, creating and implementing IT solutions developed to upgrade processes of designing, producing, managing and maintanance of products.
The company consists of 600 specialists in IoT, Cloud, Augmented Reality, Enterprise PLM, machine learning and other value chain technologies, and cooperates with many global brands. Through their international offices, located on three continents, TT PSC serves customers in various industries such as energy, pharmacy, medical appliances, motorization, FMCG, communication and advanced technologies.

- TT PSC, with their complementary services, is the perfect partner for Algomine to expand globally. Over the past 5 years, we implemented numerous projects with variety of customers, including global brands. We are ready to share our Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning competences worldwide – confirmed Marcin Górzyński, also the Founder of Algomine and Member of the Board.

The up-to-date technology and quality of implementation is secured by the team of Data Scientists led by Cezary Głowiński Phd., the expert in Data Science, well known and respected in this field thanks to his outstanding experience.

- Our Data Engineers are up to date with the newest ML technologies and have years of practical experience. We will surely enrich TTPSC portfolio with our expertise on how to prepare for the future in an innovative, sustainable manner - reassured Cezary Głowiński, the Chief Data Scientist in Algomine.

Algomine is to continue its operations and develop AI solutions under the umbrella of TTPSC.
The transaction will not affect any ongoing projects and does not require any extra activity from Algomine's customers or partners.